‘Atari VCS’ Is The New Name of Ataribox, More Details Coming Through

It has been a while since we heard any news about the new Attaritbox, we know that it certainly is on its way but we have had limited information. Well, now we have a very interesting news, turns out the console will no more be known as Ataribox but rather now its new name is Atari VCS.

We first heard about this console last year, when the CEO of the company confirmed that Ataribox console is in the making. Since then we have had little information from time to time about the Atari VCS.

Very recently Atari has shared the new name of the console and the new logo as well. The retro-shaped console is something that many have been waiting for a long time to see.

Atari consoles lost their touch with the new generations consoles but with this new console, considering that they have kept in mind the new generation competition, a lot of expectation are in line.

Atari revealed this information and they have announced that the Atari VCS prototypes of its classic-style joystick and modern controllers will be displayed at this year’s Game Development Conference.

According to Atari, this upcoming console’s hardware was inspired by the “iconic silhouette” of the original Atari 2600. Furthermore, they added that it will be powered by a custom AMD processor and feature lots of classic Atari games along with current titles form various studios.

So we can be sure that Atari VCS will certainly be something very cool and worth the wait. That said there still is a lot we don,t know about the console but what we already know we have compiled that at one place. So we may have a better idea of what we know about the upcoming console so far.

That said, Atari will announce soon enough, when the pre-orders will begin for the VCS sometime in April.

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Source: Gamespot