PUBG Mobile is Better Than Our Expectation, Our Impressions

PUBG has finally launched on mobile devices. First, it was released exclusively in China some time ago and it was subtitled as “Exhilarating Battlefield”, not so many players got to play it because of the exclusive Chinese version.

PUBG recently started rolling out to Android and iOS devices a few days ago. The game which reached 5 million players in only 3 months after the release on Xbox is limited to Canada only before they launch it worldwide, so they can know the bugs and issues of the game before release.

Though it’s only available in Canada, I got hands on the game recently and I did play it for a while to try to get a Chicken dinner, which I missed by a kill. After Several hours of gameplay, I acknowledged that the game obviously can’t replace the PC and Xbox versions, can’t be compared directly but this mobile port does bring the good experience of PUBG to the mobile devices.

To describe the game in details, it is running at a lower resolution and textures as compared to PC, but it still handles the 100 player battle Royale really good, graphics don’t seem bad due to the small screen might even look better than the frames dropping on your Xbox version. As the original game, you start with being on a plane and using your parachute to drop down avoiding the blue area to survive till you are the last one to get the Chicken dinner.

The on-screen controls are nice you can lock the direction you are going into, ability to store items in the backpack, along with double shooting controls so you can run and kill, The player automatically picks up the ammo for equipped weapons to make it easier on the hands.

It has been reported by people that it can be only played on Wifi at the moment not on 4G for some reason but still, you can get a hotspot to play it anywhere.

One new and confusing thing is the bots which can only be found in this mobile version which is to help players get used to the game, as you level up ratio of real players to bots will increase luckily if you are like me bots are pretty dumb and easy to kill but disappointing if you get to know after you have played, but this surely does provide easy to play experience to the new people.

PUBG has been here for a year now, like me, you might play it regularly on your PC. The best part of the mobile game is that intense 100 player battle royale which you can play with your friends or solo despite being skilled or not. The point of having it on the phone means you want the same fun experience on your portable device anywhere.

PUBG can now finally be played on Android and iOS devices if you are located in Canada. Let us know us in the comments below what you think about the Mobile version of the game.