Luigi’s Penis Size is Something Internet is Very Interested in Right Now, What’s the Answer?

People are gone crazy over the fact that facts about Luigi’s Penis were shared on the Internet. After Mario Tennis Aces recently uploaded a promotional image of Luigi playing Tennis. It can be clearly seen in the picture that there’s something in his pants. We know it’s not a mushroom he’s hiding. It’s a bulge, it’s definitely Luigi’s Penis.

The bulge can clearly be seen in the rendered image of the Luigi. It was noticed by the people on Tumblr and Twitter Both. Tumblr users even started doing the match and came up with an answer that it is about 3.5 inches flaccid.

Comic writer Christopher Butcher Tweeted the following:

Which tells that people are really excited to know that Luigi’s has a Penis. Thanks to the users of Tumblr to focus on that.

A user on Twitter named Mithrilbowtie did all the math in detail:

This confirmed the size to be 3.7 inches. The formula he used tells that if the tennis racket ranges from 27 to 29 inches, the racket Luigi is using is 28-inch racket which is of 300 pixels. Remains the bulge which is of 40 pixels long which marks it to be 3.7 inches long.

Nintendo quickly removed the art in a rush, but once the image is uploaded on the internet it stays there forever, thanks to Twitter and Tumblr for making Luigi famous before the release.

Mario Tennis Aces is set to launch on 22nd June for Nintendo Switch, The game itself comes from the team behind the Mario Tennis and Mario Golf series, is looking good.