Justice League Concludes Disastrous Box Office Run — Lowest Grossing DCEU Movie

Justice League (2017) has finally concluded theatrical screening in the box office, a milestone in itself that would probably find the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) breathing a sigh of relief.

The once highly anticipated installment, bringing some of the most popular and notable superheroes together on the silver screen, is now the lowest grossing comic book adaptation for Warner Bros. and the long-running comic book publisher.

Justice League only managed to earn $657.9 million worldwide. In comparison, the Avengers (2012) from Marvel Studios made more than $1.5 billion worldwide. Taking the minimum numbers into account, Justice League should have at least come close to the $1 billion threshold.

The final box office figures also mean that the disastrous project earned less than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Man of Steel (2013) — two installments that were heavily bashed by critics for a bloated and pale storytelling.

Here is how the DCEU currently stands in the worldwide box office:

  • Batman v Superman – $873.6 million
  • Wonder Woman – $821.8 million
  • Suicide Squad – $746.8 million
  • Man of Steel – $668.0 million
  • Justice League – $657.9 million

It was reported just last month that Warner Bros. clearly knew the troubles inflicting Justice League well in advance of the premiere night. The top brass, however, chose to wash their hands off the project. This was partially based on the fact that millions in funding had already been spent on the movie and no one wanted to spend more. Hence, as fate would have it, the lowest grossing movie in the DCEU was also the most expensive to make.

The final version, after several different cuts, was an utter mess, half-baked, and nowhere near the levels of satisfaction that fans were seeking when purchasing their tickets. Justice League is now available on Blu-ray and other digital formats with deleted scenes included.