Italian Newspaper Editor Wants to Legally Ban PlayStation, Spreading Misinformation About Video Games in the Process

Video games are already facing unfair criticism these days so it is important that we clear any misconceptions, and fight back to protect our industry, especially, from people who are unaware of the facts and are spreading misinformation about video games.

Recently, editor of a reputable Italian Newspaper, La Stampa, went after video games in a very aggressive manner. One of their readers shared her story, saying that her Boyfriend plays video games all day, not valuing her or even his work.

Replying to the reader, Editor Maria Corbi gave a very predictable answer to her problem. However, she went a little overboard, calling for a legal ban on PlayStation.

a guy who spends his time on PlayStation (should be abolished by law) or in front of other virtual reality should be avoided and included in the category “co ….” (write the word as you believe).

She went on to say that this girl should look for someone “normal.” Her reply demonizes video games, painting them as the main culprit for this woman’s broken relationship. Which is completely wrong, it is the case of one person who is unable to manage his life. His problems are mental, possibly emotional, and he should be seeking help. People like Maria Corbi, who have very little experience with Tech and video games, must avoid demonizing these mediums; it does not suit a reporter, an editor, to lash out in this manner without any concrete information about video games.

Interestingly, the site he works for posted an article about how a video game is helping treat Multiple sclerosis. There are Billions of gamers around the world who have no problem maintaining their relationships, I myself am an example of that and I’m sure you are too.

With that said, it is also a fact that people suffering from depression do use video games to hide from their real-life issues, which seems to be the case here. Our advice to this young girl (who wrote to Maria Corbi) would be to talk to her boyfriend and his family members as he is clearly in need of help if he his throwing away his job and relationships to spend time playing video games, help him, instead of writing to a clueless editor.

Meanwhile, to Maria Corbi, I would say – get informed and then advise. Stop making video games your scapegoats for every issue in society today; be it the Florida shooting or a woman losing her boyfriend.