HTC Vive Pro Pre-orders Now Live, Original HTC Vive Now Going For $499

HTC Vive Pro pre-orders are now live and you can order one for $799 which seems like a very high price indeed keeping in mind that you are only getting the headset for the money. While Oculus is keeping to the stand-alone mobile VR market, HC Vive Pro focuses on PC. Other than that the original HTC Vive will now cost $499.

While this would seem like a second generation device and there are some improvements like the two OLED displays that offer 1400 x 1600 pixels per eye compared to 1080 x 1200. You also get built-in headphones and a strap that adjusts with the help of a dial, which is a much-needed upgrade. Keeping all this in mind it seems like a refresh of the original rather than a second-generation product.

I am sure that there is more to the products than what meets the eye and that there are some hardware upgrades a well and we will keep you updated regarding that when we have more information. The idea behind the HTC Vive Pro is that the headset will be swapped out with the original one. Which means that it will work fine with the sensors as well as the controller that came with the original device.

All you really need to do is swap it out with the previous headset. For the money, you are also getting six free months of HTC’s Viveport subscription service. As of right now, there are no bundle offers that you can take advantage of which can be an issue if you did not get the original version and are interested in jumping on the HTC Vive Pro bandwagon.

HTC has confirmed that there will be bundles coming out at a later date so that is something to look forward to. Stay tuned to SegmentNext in order to learn more about that.

Let us know what you think about the HTC Vive Pro and whether or not this is something that you are interested in getting.