Report: Nvidia RTX Along With New Ray Tracing GameWorks Tech To Be Announced Soon

Nvidia has been making a lot of progress in regards to its GPU and game tech and reportedly Nvidia RTX is going to be revealed this coming Monday by the GPU giant.

Nvidia RTX is a real-time cinematic rendering tech that will help game developers to create seamless cinematic experiences in their games. Aside from Nvidia RTX, the GPU giant will also reveal Ray Tracing for Gameworks.

Ray Tracing will be a new addition to Nvidia’s GameWorks tech and this particular GameWorks tech will allow for “real-time Area Shadows, Glossy Reflections and Ambient Occlusion” in game development. According to the report, the tech is already available in early access.

Nvidia RTX is basically an API for which the company has partnered with Microsoft and the report suggests that this API will be supported by major game engines like Unreal, Frostbite and Unity.

Not only that, EA, 4A Games and Remedy are already participating in the development of Nvidia RTX and its integration into their game engines and will most probably use this tech for their upcoming titles.

In related news, a report suggests that GPU demand has slowed down for mining and Nvidia is preparing for the future so that shortages never happen again by strictly controlling the “Inventory Levels”.

Seems like the GPU giant doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake twice and intends to prevent GPUs selling out to cryptocurrency miners.

While reportedly GPU demand for mining is going down but, Nvidia has predicted that GPU prices will continue to increase in 2018.

According to the company, “the pricing in the market will continue to go up through Q3 of this year most likely before we start seeing any type of relief”.”

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Source: Videocardz