Wolfenstein 2: The Deeds Of Captain Wilkins Gold Guide

This Wolfenstein 2: The Deeds of Captain Wilkins Gold Guide will help you obtain Gold items even though you might have to go through hell to get them. With our Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Guide, you will be able to find the trickiest of the places in The Deeds of Captain Wilkins DLC for Wolfenstein II.

Wolfenstein 2: The Deeds of Captain Wilkins Gold

Gold plated stuff is one other collectibles scattered throughout the game. Gold items in the game will help you unlock Achievement/Trophy. Other than that, they may not be of use in the game. Nonetheless, for all you glory hunters, here it goes the locations for Gold in The Deeds of Captain Wilkins DLC of Wolfenstein 2.

Volume #1
Gold #1
In the very first room, jump across the water and climb the ladder. At the top of this ladder and to the right will be some Gold in the cart.

Gold #2
Second piece of Gold can be found after dropping out of the vents and into the second officer area. Leaving the closet, turn left and head up the stairs until you reach a dead end. You can find Gold on the left shelf.

Gold #3
For Gold #3, use the elevator to go up and the stilts to climb up a truck. This will lead you to the upper walkways in the garage. Go right of an open door to find the Gold.

Gold #4
In the last room in this level, near the truck you need to steal to exit, search the back-left corner. Opposite to a German vehicle, will be the set of Gold that you can get.

Volume #2
Gold #5
First piece of Gold is located in the large train station. This is the area where you’ll have to kill two officers. Opposite to the entrance is a yellow-colored control room. Under this is an open cargo container near the stairs. Check inside to find the Gold.

Gold #6
Later, heading into the red-walled office and around the back-left corner will be a platform. Climb onto it using the stilts and on the left wall will be the Gold.

Gold #7
Crawling into the maintenance area, drop down into the crawlspace and to the left of the first machine. Gold can be found on the barrel. After being betrayed and entering the second cannon control room, head to the locker room. Use stilts to jump up into the ceiling vents on the left.

Volume #3
Gold #8
Enter the Torpedo Room and use the open vent near the stairs to enter a room. Gold will be around the back of the room.

Gold #9
While in the Maintenance Hatches, use stilts to reach the upper catwalk and to the Torpedo Bay. Towards the dead end, a nearby platform will have Gold on it.

Gold #10
After completing the third officer area, use the stilts in the maintenance shaft. Above the vent, a platform will have Gold lying on it. After dealing with the General, head left to the Control Room. The Gold is found on the green terminal.

This is all we have in our Wolfenstein 2: The Deeds of Captain Wilkins Gold Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!