Take A Look At This Nintendo Switch Docked In A GameCube, Controllers Working As Well

An amazing idea for a Nintendo Switch dock has been given by a modder over at Youtube. The dock is made using an old GameCube, which has all the mandatory features such as HDMI and power supply as well as fully functional GameCube controllers. Who wouldn’t want to use those controllers again?

Modding channel Rated-e Mods has a full tutorial on how to create this GameCube Dock for Nintendo Switch, however, if you want to try it for yourself you need to know that a bit of 3D printing and electronics installment is required. This is the full tutorial:

If you don’t want to check the whole thing, let us give you a quick heads up as to what is happening through the video. The modder first creates a 3D model of the base where the Nintendo Switch will be sat on and then prints it. Afterward comes the case cutting to fit the 3D printed dock and the installment of it onto the GameCube shell. What you basically have to do at this point is grab you classic Nintendo Switch electronic parts and install them on the GameCube dock. That’s probably the trickiest part of the whole tutorial.

At this point, you’ll have a fully functional Nintendo Switch dock made out of a GameCube console, along with its controller functionality. Pretty cool right? The procedure seems doable if you have a bit of an electronics assembly experience, so we might be trying that one.

Nintendo Switch is probably the most versatile console ever made, as the first hybrid console to actually make a change. We expect more tutorials like these to start showing up since making a functional dock for the console is a pretty standard procedure. What about an NES case or a Nintendo 64? Those would seem like good ideas.

Speaking of Switch mods, if you feel like the handheld mode display is too small for you then you can turn Switch into  Switch XL. A Youtuber was able to create the Nintendo Switch XL by using creativity and £350.

In related news, the Switch Update 5.0.0 has gone live, bringing in social linkages, new avatar icons, and a play activity fix. A more detailed version of the update is also available at the official Nintendo switch website.