New Super Mario Odyssey Hint Art Points Towards Secret Event

Nintendo has released some new Super Mario Odyssey hint art that gives players a hint about where they could find a secret event somewhere in the game’s multiple different worlds. These hint arts will give players a little secret to experience if they can figure out the art that’s shown.

The current hint art, showing a pair of upside-down triangles one large and one small, show that there is something below the smaller of the two triangles (you can see the actual drawing here on Nintendo’s Twitter page). If you can figure out the hint art and go to the corresponding location, a special event will happen if you ground-pound the indicated spot.

There’s hint art all over the place in Super Mario Odyssey, mainly allowing players to pick up Power Moons that they would otherwise miss in the wide-open spaces of the game’s multiple worlds. There are at least 20 pieces of Super Mario Odyssey hint art in the game now, according to dataminers who looked through the game’s files when it was updated in February.

If you don’t want to go through all of the trouble to figure out the Hint Art on your own, you can find out the solution here. In this case, players have to go to a certain area of Tostarena, to the smaller of the two floating pyramids there. Go underneath the pyramid and groundpound, and a tiny 8-bit figure of Luigi will appear and give you a large amount of coins (236 to be exact).

More hint art will likely be revealed over the next few weeks or months, so if you want to uncover more of the secrets that are hidden across Super Mario Odyssey, be on the lookout for more Super Mario Odyssey hint art when Nintendo decides to post it onto Twitter.