New Battlefront 2 Update Clear For A Take Off, Revamped Progression System And More

Electronic Arts have recently announced the New Battlefront 2 Update which shall be available on March 21st. According to EA, the new update will be bringing a lot of new stuff but the biggest change will be the upcoming progression system in the game.

The update will change how the players upgrade weapons, heroes, and ships as well as loot crates. Although the biggest difference is that Revamped progression system, which involves Star Cards. Star Cards are the stat buffing items that players acquire through random loot crates.

The upside is that once the update is live the players won’t have to stiff through crates trying to collect these necessary boosts; they will be able to trade in experience points that they collected through multiplayer for skill points.

Further they, in turn, can be spent on Star Cards to unlock or upgrade a character, weapon, ship or class in a linear fashion.

Those players that found the loot crate limiting, this here is a good news. Now the players won’t have to worry about spending any currency to get their loot crates.

According to EA, players will now receive crates in a variety of different ways, like as daily login bonuses and rewards for finishing specific milestones or challenges.

Furthermore, EA said that the crates will not contain anything related to gameplay. They will only contain credits, emotes or other cosmetic items. You can check out more information at the official EA site.

That said there will be more stuff, content changes with the New Battlefront 2 Update. In the end, the company talked about some future updates for the game. The game will be having several standouts, brand-new ways to play and much more exciting stuff that the players will really appreciate and enjoy.

Battlefront 2 was nothing short of a disaster due to EA’s predatory microtransactions systems but it does seem like that developer are taking this seriously now. Hopefully, they are able to manage this microtransaction controversy.