Google Maps AI now Available to Game Developers for Immersive and Real Environments

Google MapsĀ  revealed on their blog that they are allowing developers to use their AI and allowing them to make more augmented reality games like the Pokemon which was released 2 years ago, it was a huge success bringing change and revolutionizing the gaming industry.

AR Developers can make use of their physical environments and build it around players making the games come to life especially on the mobile devices. By using real-time updates and location data Devs will be able to re-imagine our world, find best places to make the 3D renderings of roads, bulidings, houses, statues and real life places directly into the Unity engine making it incredibly easy, Which was all done manually before by the developers.

Google said to start this they have first brought Google Maps to the Unity engine to turn real life objects and places into Game objects in Unity, which by going on further they can add textures, depth effect, style and customize it fully to match their gaming project environments.

This implies they can center around building rich, immersive gameplay without the overhead of platform a worldwide scale amusement world.

The mobile device gaming landscape is changing as more AR games are being developed since the Pokemon Go, there are few augmented reality games announced recently which will use Google Maps APIs which include Jurassic World Alive, Ghostbusters world and The Walking Dead : Our World. These games look a lot like Pokemon Go as they make use of your surroundings with location based gameplay.

So be ready if you were waiting for a Pokemon Go successor new games will be here soon. Google will present a demo of the new Google Maps Unity engine at Game Developers Conference next week in San Franciso.