Creative Assembly Releases 30 Minutes Of Total War Thrones Of Britannia Gameplay

Creative Assembly and Eurogamer have posted 30 minutes of Total War Thrones of Britannia gameplay on YouTube, showing off a good chunk of gameplay that we can expect to see for ourselves when the game comes out in April. The game is part of Creative Assembly’s new “Sagas” series, announced late last year.

Sagas is intended to bring Total War to various other, smaller periods in history that could still be interesting, such as this time period. In Thrones of Britannia, the British Isles are divided after years of devastating wars between Viking invaders and the native Anglo-Saxon, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh inhabitants.

The Viking kingdom of the Danelaw is a constant threat against the kingdoms of Mercia and Wessex, while the Irish wish to remove Viking influence from their island and the Welsh wish to reunite their kingdoms and regain the lands that the Anglo-Saxons stole from them in the past.

Players can claim victory through a number of routes, whether military conquest, renown from winning battles and building great structures, becoming the most technologically advanced faction in the game, or even completing a set of custom objectives depending on which of the ten different factions you play as.

The 30 minutes of Total War Thrones of Britannia gameplay footage allows players to see gameplay both on the campaign map and on the actual battle map as Vikings fight Britons for supremacy. While it’s not as epic as the Total War Warhammer battles, with no wizards, trolls, giants, or dragons.

Even without all of that, though, it will still at least be a welcome reprieve for history fans before Total War Three Kingdoms comes out at the end of this year.

To see the Total War Thrones of Britannia gameplay trailer for yourself, you can look further up the article. The game will be available exclusively for the PC on April 19 of this year.