Asphalt 9 Guide – How To Drift, Using Nitro, Tokens, Flags (Beginners Tips)

Our Asphalt 9 Guide will cover tips for newcomers who look forward to win races; be it against AI or human players. When it comes to racing, these Asphalt 9: Legends Tips will always come in handy.

Asphalt 9 Guide

For all you racing fanatics, the latest installment of the Asphalt series is here. With a new game, comes new challenges and new ways to learn. Asphalt 9: Legends comes with an incredible roster of cars of all different styles and makes. Moreover, a bunch of customization options and multiplayer races make this game hard to miss. So getting good at it, might just be what you need at the moment. Here we go!


One of the easier and intuitive racing games available, Asphalt 9 will put the foot on the accelerator and the brake pedal for you. It will even steer your car into a particular direction, a feature you can choose to activate or not. This makes for an easier learning curve. Drifting and nitro are the only things left solely for you to carry out.

Both go hand-in-hand since drifting refills you nitro bar while using the nitro when turning corners gives you a boost of speed. The time you take holding down the drift button determines how much drift the car performs. So an awareness of the turn ahead, be it a tight corner, or a longer arch, is important.

‘Drift’ should be then tapped accordingly and how long is for you to decide. Drifting isn’t the only way to refill the nitro bar though. Nitro bar is also replenished by moving through cans scattered throughout the map. Gold cans will give you a bigger boost of nitro than blue ones.

360-Degree Turn

Double-tapping the drift button will allow your car to perform a revolution of 360 degrees. This comes in handy to switch your direction of travelling instantly in the case of going the wrong way initially. This will also boost you nitro by 40% or so.

Therefore, if you’re lagging behind in a race and you need loads of nitro to make up for it, then go for this trick. If, however, you’re firmly in the 1st place and a win is inevitable then a 360-degree turn might not be a good idea.

Other Uses of Nitro

Nitro is very useful in turning the tide of the race because of the huge boost it offers to the speed of your vehicle. With two different additional features to up your Nitro game, you can quickly overtake opponents. ‘Perfect Nitro’ is activated when you tap the nitro bar just when it hits the small blue line.

The other one, ‘Pulse Nitro’ is activated when you tap the nitro bar just when it reaches the small purple line which is even below the blue line. Pulse Nitro adds more to your speed than Perfect Nitro does but it lasts for a shorter period of time than Perfect Nitro.

Either way, both of these are much more effective than the standard nitro boost. We recommend being responsive enough to tap the nitro button only when they come to the blue or purple lines.

Tokens and Flags

Completing the many objectives you can see after a race will help you earn the in-game currency. These objectives vary in their nature ranging from ‘drift this many times’ to ‘cover this much distance’ etc. The tokens earned will help you unlock card packs or blueprints. Moreover, a combination of these tokens and some coins will lead you to buy legendary, rare and super-fast cars.

This will drastically affect your chances of winning races. So make sure to spend some time on reading up on the tasks you need to complete to earn these tokens.

Flags are obtained upon completion of the various challenges or tasks in the game. These will help you unlock different seasons for more playtime. Furthermore, earning flags will help you unlock many different modes within the game. Clubs, unlocked after 10 flags, allow you to join guilds and race as a unit.

Events, unlocked after 15 flags, help you unlock special and rare items in limited-time races which you won’t normally be able to collect. Lastly, the Multiplayer mode is unlocked after having 20 flags. This will pit you against real human players from around the world. So time to show-off your drift skills.

Freebies and Upgrades

The game will, in every 4 hours or so, allow you to collect free packs. These will contain blue prints. Moreover, ‘Ad Packs’ can also be collected by watching by watching a video in the in-game store. These will increase your tally of coins and tokens in the game. This will get you closer to purchasing Premium card packs with more blue prints inside.

Upgrades are straightforward in the game. You can increase the overall top speed for your car and nitro bar. You can also add tweaks to your handling and acceleration of the car on track. All of this will increase the overall performance of the car and lead to better overall results on track.


Running out of cash? No worries, simply replay races. Though you won’t be able to earn the same amount on bonuses as you did on your first run but the amount will still be something. This is an easy and quick way to earn coins and upgrade your vehicle even more so.

Some other tips for achieving victory: use ramps and shortcuts whenever you can. This will make sure you’re ahead of the other racers. Make sure you empty your nitro bar as soon as it fills up, because common sense! Avoiding bumping into cars since that slows you down.

That’s it folks, if we’re missing out on any other details, let us know in the comment section! For other mobile games and their guides, head over to