5 Female Supervillains We Want to See in Black Panther 2

Following the tremendous success achieved by Black Panther in theaters worldwide, the audience has already begun demanding for a sequel that takes them back to Wakanda. The good news is that Marvel Studios has indeed begun chalking out story plans for Black Panther 2 or whatever the second installment will be called.

Taking into account the sheer goodwill that the first movie generated for empowering females on the silver screen, there is the likelihood that the second attempt will also take a similar path. Hence, here are five female supervillains that could be a marvelous addition to the upcoming cinematic sequel.

Take note that the following mentions are not ranked in any way and are also not the only ones from the comic books. If you feel there should be someone else on this list as well, feel free to drop a comment below.


Zenzi, given the name “Revealer” by her followers, is a recent addition to the comic books but has the potential to become one of the leading female supervillains in the mythos as well as Black Panther 2.

She hails from Nigandan, a country located right next to Wakanda, with mutant powers that enhance and bring to light the deepest emotions of whomever she chooses. When caught directly in the path of Erik Killmonger and his death squads at a very young age, Zenzi was inches away from joining her people in a mass grave. However, she used her abilities to have them kill each other before running away.

In her later life, Zenzi grew to become the leader of the Nigandan Army and allied herself with Tetu, the head of the Wakandan rebel movement known as The People. She announced herself as an enemy of T’Chala and used her mutant abilities to cause political chaos in both Wakanda and the surrounding countries.

Zenzi has even joined forces with villainous groups from the outside world. Following a clash with the Black Panther that called for her retreat, the mutant terrorist agreed to help Hydra by brainwashing the soldiers of Wakanda into submission.

Madam Slay

While Madam Slay has never been given a definitive history in the comic books, what is known about her origin makes her one of the most easily penned female supervillains for Black Panther 2 — owing to the script writers, of course.

She had a close loving relationship with Erik Killmonger until he was killed. Rather than follow through a burial ceremony, Madam Slay decided to preserve the corpse with special herbs in hopes of resurrection. It so happened that the Mandarin paid a visit one night and using his rings, restored Killmonger to life. The two lovers, now reunited, went back to plotting schemes to kill the Black Panther and return Wakanda to the old ways.

However, the joyful period for the couple did not last long. After being defeated once again by the Black Panther and his allies, the Mandarin decided to recall the power of his rings. Killmonger reverted to an inanimate skeleton, emotionally crushing Madam Slay and forcing her to surrender.

Madam Slay has no superhuman powers. What she has is the ability to train and command leopards to do her bidding. This was what caught the attention of the Black Panther in the first place because she was driving her beasts to kill leopard hunters within the borders.

It is important to note that Madam Slay was absent when Killmonger, before his first death, attacked the royal family of Wakanda. She only returned once she came to know that her lover had been defeated.


In an alternate reality version of the comic books, T’Channa was one of the sisters of T’Challa. During a brutal contest to decide the sole successor of Wakanda, she and the other siblings were completely crushed by T’Challa. She left the country soon after to pursue a dark path in order to increase her magical abilities and then return to take the throne.

The journey later found T’Channa in Latveria, an isolated country in Europe that was ruled by Doctor Doom. The supervillain ended up taking the Wakandan royal under his wing to train her. However, he never realized what T’Channa was actually planning in the shadows. When the time was right, she killed her master and took his armor, becoming the new Doctor Doom and ruling Latveria for years to come.

Despite coming into power, T’Channa never went beyond her new borders. She instead focused on developing Latveria in terms of technology and science, similar to how Wakanda came into being.

Following an attack by Galactus that resulted in a high loss of life for the country, the storyline steered towards T’Channa attacking the United Nations to curb the notion of dealing with inhumans. The event saw her defeating the Avengers and killing Captain America. From there on, T’Channa began advancing into other countries, using a levitating fortress as her personal kingdom.

T’Channa has never forgiven her brother for defeating her and ascending the throne. The source materials never found her invading Wakanda, but the potential in featuring such an event in Black Panther 2 is pretty evident.

Thanks to the training by Doctor Doom, T’Channa can combine dark magic with technology. She uses a double edged runic broadsword to channel her powers and commands an army of Doombots.

Princess Zanda

The decades of comic book runs usually find the writers putting certain characters on hiatus before bringing them back down the line. In that light, Princess Zanda was introduced in the mythos during the early years but has only recently returned.

To further provide context, she has little to no presence in the current timeline. What she is part of is a new series that is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe years before the Black Panther was introduced in Captain America: Civil War (2016) on the silver screen. Sounds about just right for the picking for Black Panther 2 in terms of — at least — a secondary supervillain.

When she was part of the main storyline, Zanda ruled Narobia, another country located on the borders of Wakanda. She was also a core member of the Collectors, a ruthless group that would do anything to obtain powerful relics and artifacts. Her habitual schemes to cause political unrest and chaos often brought her into direct conflict with the Black Panther.

Despite having no superpowers, except for impressive skills in firearms and an expansive historical knowledge, Zanda was once able to capture and imprison the Black Panther. She later began harboring feelings for the superhero, showing immense jealousy when it was announced that the Black Panther would marry Storm from the X-Men. This even led her to confront the mutant, though, in comical fashion. She was sent flying by Storm, and despite threatening with her military might, Zanda only ended up pursuing legal action.


There have been at least six different female supervillains that have taken the same moniker throughout the years, but only two are related to the Black Panther comic books.

The original Malice was a mutated ally under the command of Erik Killmonger and a natural enemy of the Black Panther. She had superhuman strength, speed, and agility. However, despite her abilities, she and Killmonger were ultimately defeated by the clawed superhero when attempting the coup.

The second Malice was actually Nakia, a prominent member of the Dora Milaje. The character was played by Lupita Nyong’o in the movie and hence, has all the more reason to return in Black Panther 2.

In the source materials, she was completely obsessed with T’Challa and wanted more than to simply serve as his royal guard. The situation took a turn for the worse when Mephisto cast an illusion over T’Challa that caused him to kiss Nakia. She later became extremely jealous of his fiancĂ©e Monica Lynne and plotted to assassinate her. However, T’Challa put a stop to that and banished Nakia from ever stepping foot in Wakanda again.

In a broken and confused state, she was eventually captured and tortured by Achebe until Killmonger came to her rescue. Near death, she went through an ancient ritual of resurrection that enhanced her abilities. It was when Killmonger gave her the name Malice, following which she went after T’Challa and the Dora Milaje.

She also teamed up with M’Baku down the line and planned to kill any woman who she suspected was close to T’Challa.