Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Combat Guide – Weapon Effects, Combat Tips (Beginners Guide)

The combat mechanics in the new Warhammer are quite complex. As such, the Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Combat Guide can come in really handy as it can help you with numerous different aspects of combat in the game. There are many different things to watch out when playing as a melee fighter in the game so it can be quite difficult for new players.

This Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Combat Guide will acquaint you with all of the basics of melee combat so that you have an idea of what to expect as you dive into the game. Everything from the mechanics to the characteristics of your weapons will be covered.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Combat

Your normal attack is pretty much what you would expect. Tap the attack key to perform it. You can repeatedly tap the key to initiate a combo. You can also chain your attacks together as well for dealing extra damage.

The charged attack can be done by holding down the attack key for a certain duration. This attack is slow but ends up dealing more damage. You can also chain these attacks together if you memorize the timing well enough.

A block will protect you from enemy melee attacks. You will have 360-degree protection but all attacks outside of your field of view will use up more of your stamina than usual. A full shield means you have 1 stamina while a broken shield means 0.5 stamina, and it will recharge eventually.

Push will interrupt an enemy’s attack. You can do a push by pressing the attack button while you are blocking. The strength of your push depends on your weapon and it works in a 360-degree arc.

You can also do a push swing combo if you continue to hold the attack button while the push finishes. The best weapons to push with are the ones with the shields.

Weapon Effects

Damage is quite obvious; it is the amount of damage that an enemy takes. Armor and headshots can have an effect on the damage values. Impact is something that scales with hero power and affects the amount by which the activities of the enemy are disrupted when hit.

This also depends on the type of enemy you are facing and what was the action that the enemy was performing when it was hit. Hits which have a larger impact will stun enemies for longer and may even knock them away or down.

Cleave is how many enemies are hit by your swing. You have a certain amount of cleave and each enemy that is hit by hit subtracts a certain amount from it. Once it is zero, the swing will not hit any more targets. Cleave depends on the type of enemies hit, their armor and your weapon.

Speed and Stamina are quite self-explanatory. Dodge Effectiveness is the ability of your weapon to dodge enemy attacks. If you dodge with lighter weapons, you can move larger distances than heavier weapons. If you keep on dodging constantly, each successive dodge will cover a smaller distance as well so watch out.

Remember that if you do a headshot, you will deal more damage than your usual amount. Unless your enemy is the Chaos Mauler, which has armor on its head but not on its body, a headshot is the way to go.

Critical strikes will also deal more damage and it occurs randomly. It has a base chance of 5% but can be increased using bonuses, passives, talents and trinkets.

Combat Tips and Tricks

Remember that the enemy can either attack you while standing, which is slow and easy to dodge or while running. Running attacks are quite fast and have a longer reach. You need to move away if you see an enemy charging you as the attack can come as a surprise, even when you are expecting it.

The best way to avoid being damage is to keep on hitting the enemy. As long as you have a good enough impact, you will be able to prevent the enemies from hitting you for quite some time, as you will be staggering them.

Remember that you should use a combination of blocking, pushing, and dodging to ensure that you are not taking a lot of damage. Protecting yourself is far more important than being able to deal tons of damage so master that before you move onto advanced attacking techniques.

Mix your attacks as well. It is best if you try to manage your stamina in the middle of fights. If you feel the heat getting too much for you to bear, then retreat and recharge your stamina before going in.

Try to have a mix of normal and charged attacks depending on the enemy for the maximum damage output as well. For example, a charged attack vs a slow enemy would be great but agile enemies would probably not be hit by hit that often and would instead deal more damage to you.

That is all we have for our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Combat Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!