Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update Is Almost Ready, Brings Horses With Hats

The Stardew Valley multiplayer update that its fans have been so anxiously waiting for is apparently almost done, according to creator Eric Barone. Along with the update being almost done, he’s shown us at least one other new thing we’ll be seeing: the ability to put hats on horses.

Multiplayer Stardew Valley is something that many fans have been looking forward to for a good while, allowing friends to get together and work on a farm on the same game. The update, long rumored, is now almost ready, currently being in quality assurance testing to work out the last few remaining obvious bugs.

Stardew Valley was already a phenomenon when it first released back in February of 2016, giving players a new, Harvest Moon-like video game that they could play to relax in a quite addicting and fun world. The ability to play with your friends in the game, exploring the mines, building up your farm, and everything else you can do in the game, might bring out even more players who want to play the game together.

While it might not be something that can be done in couch co-op, even with the Switch and its multiple controllers, Stardew Valley getting multiplayer now will probably make the game more fun for people who might get slightly bored with the monotony of your routine in the game.

And in case you still don’t have anyone to play with, you can always get a laugh out of being able to put hats on horses. Come on, it’s a horse in a sombrero, what’s not to like?

Either way, we still don’t have a concrete release date about the Stardew Valley multiplayer update. All that we know is that it’s in the quality assurance stretch. Hopefully we’ll be getting an announcement about the Stardew Valley multiplayer update sometime in the near future.