Shadow of the Tomb Raider Will Explore the Mayan, Seems Inspired by Legend

Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer is coming out in a matter of hours. However, part of the footage leaked online and it gave us a look at the possible setting for the game. It looks like Lara Croft is going to be exploring the Mayan mysteries in her latest adventure.

It seems, at least at some point, Lara would visit historical Mayan places. The lush jungle setting shown in the trailer led to a very Mayan-like structure.

Off-screen Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trailer

Mayan Structure

The structure seen in the trailer is pretty similar in design when compared to Mayan architecture we see around the world. At some point in the game, Lara may stumble upon the hidden secrets of the Mayan race.

The jungle location and the Mayan structure we see is not something new to the Tomb Raider franchise. Tomb Raider Legend featured a similar setting which means that parts of Shadow of the Tomb Raider could be inspired by Tomb Raider Legend.

Legend was released on PS2 back in 2006

Shadow of the Tomb Raider trailer will give us a proper look at the game’s setting. But for now, this is all we have to go by. The leaked Tomb Raider trailer gave away its release date as well as platforms.

The game is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It has been confirmed that the game won’t be a timed exclusive to any platform. Shadow of the Tomb Raider release date is set for September 14 across all platforms. However, an official announcement is coming later today so we should hold our horses till then. For more on Tomb Raider, check back with us later.

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