Putting Goku In Super Smash Bros. Is a Real Question These Days

This month, we heard the official announcement for Super Smash Bros at the Nintendo Direct. While all of the fans were really excited, there was very little information at that time regarding the game. At the moment we are still very low on the details but we do have something very interesting. Funimation, the industry leader in anime, has shown interest in putting Goku in Super Smash Bros.

To be honest, it is more than an interest, Funimation actually made a Tweet asking Nintendo when are they going to put Goku in the upcoming Super Smash Bros.

It seems like Funimation could not hold the patience and asked Nintendo about the Goku character for the game. Goku is one of the most frequently requested Smash characters for years, to such a level that most of the fans have even moded it into Brawk and other games as well.

Unfortunately, Goku has not made it to the official Smash release. We all know there is a lot of difference in the moded characters and the officially introduced characters.

Although, with this move, Nintendo surely knows that how much anticipation is there for Goku. Hopefully when they roll out more details regarding the game then, maybe we may hear about this character.

Be that as it may, if Super Smash Bros. is anything like its predecessor, then we surely can expect some surprise third party characters.

That said, what are your thoughts on the upcoming game for Nintendo Switch? Would like Dragon Ball’s son Goku to be in Super Smash Bros.? let us know in the comments below.