Nintendo Labo Preorders Are Now Available To Buy For 10 Dollars

If you’ve been paying attention to Nintendo Directs (aside from the one several days ago that announced that a new Smash Bros would be coming out) you’ve likely heard of the Nintendo Labo. Now, you can access the Nintendo Labo Preorders that will be netting you one of the Customization Kits.

The Nintendo Labo is a customizable and modular peripheral for the Nintendo Switch that allows players to play mini-games by configuring the peripheral in a certain way, like into a fishing rod if you play a fishing game, or a piano if you’re playing music, or the handles of a motorbike if you’re racing on a motorcycle.

The Nintendo Labo Customization Kit that is available in the Nintendo Labo preorders is a set that, while not including any new variations of the Labo, will allow owners to customize their own Labos with colored tape, stencils, and Nintendo stickers, so that whoever plays it will be able to make their Labo look the way they want.

The Labo was originally something of a puzzling announcement for many Nintendo fans, especially since NIntendo was charging 70 or 80 dollars for what was essentially a variety of cardboard shapes. While the Customization Kit that’s part of the Nintendo Labo preorders is far less expensive (only $9.99), it’s not really something to justify the price if someone’s buying it themselves.

Either way, the customization kit, like the Labo itself, will likely at least be good for young children that the Labo was originally aimed at, allowing them to express their creativity the way they like.

The Nintendo Labo preorders for the Customization Kit are available from both Best Buy and Amazon currently, so if you’re in the market for a Labo and want to pre-order the Customization Kit, look on those two retailers to get the kit for yourself.