Microsoft Forms Its Own Cloud Gaming Division Following The Success Of PS Now

Cloud Gaming has been a much-debated feature in the game industry and with Sony kicking with its PS Now service, which is a cloud gaming service, and Nvidia pushing things on PC with GeForce Now it seems that Microsoft is aiming to get into the cloud market as the company has formed a new Cloud Gaming Division.

As reported by Verge, Microsoft had been building up its cloud gaming division for a few years and also acquired companies like PlayFab for this purpose. The division will focus solely on cloud game development.

Nothing has been revealed regarding what this division is working on specifically but, with Xbox Game Pass, the company has a basic structure of what its cloud service could be like.

Speaking of gaming on the cloud, recently Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed that he believes that we will see games being played on the cloud but, believes that having a home console would still be necessary.

I think we’ll see the full spectrum from games that run 100% in the cloud streamed to any device to high end games that run highly responsive compute locally while offloading heavy latency tolerant workloads to the cloud for incredible local results.

The companies are not talking about their next consoles let alone the next iterations being completely cloud-based but according to Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata, the next Xbox and PlayStation will completely be cloud-based.

According to Tabata, the game consoles will evolve and follow the steps of the film and music industry which has embraced the streaming services.

What do you think of cloud gaming? Will Microsoft be able to find success in cloud-based games? Let us know in the comments.

Source: TheVerge