Major Monster Hunter World Update Comes Out March 22, Get Ready!

The first major Monster Hunter World update is coming out on March 22, bringing with it a variety of new changes to the way that you play the game. The update will be bringing in a new monster in the form of the Deviljho, numerous weapon tweaks, and gameplay changes too.

To start off with, the Deviljho is making a return to Monster Hunter by being added in the update. A giant of a creature with a metabolism that constantly forces it to eat, the Deviljho is big enough to throw around other monsters, which it demonstrates on a Bazelgeuse in a clip from its reveal livestream. tivities

Players will be able to harvest the Deviljho’s parts to craft two new sets of armor: Vangis Alpha and Vangis Beta, adding to the huge numbers of other armor sets that players can craft already, along with being able to serve as upgrade materials and crafting materials for all 14 different weapon categories.

And speaking of parts, players will now be able to carve up their kills free of interference from griefers, being unaffected by attacks or bombs after you kill the object of the hunt.

Nearly every new weapon also has been adjusted in the major Monster Hunter World update, with only the two different variants of bowgun being unchanged. And speaking of adjustments, if you’re not happy in retrospect with how you’ve crafted your Hunter, players will be getting a free “Hunter Personal Grooming Ticket” that will allow you to change your Hunter’s gender and looks, though your Palico and your name will stay the same.

The major Monster Hunter World update will also include a “Spring Blossom Fest” event, which will include daily activities and will re-decorate the camp to a more festive atmosphere.

Once again, the first major Monster Hunter World update begins on March 22, so get ready!