Xbox E3 2018 Time and Date Confirmed by Microsoft

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the world’s biggest gaming show where we will see exclusive game reveals, beautiful trailers and exciting news about the world of gaming all in one place. Even though E3 2018 is 3 months away from today it is worth being excited about.

Talking about the event, Microsoft has revealed that it will be having the briefing on Sunday again, June 10th at 1 PM PT and 4 PM ET.

Nothing has been confirmed about what will be revealed at E3 but last year Microsoft revealed the Xbox One X and games for it. Last year the conference was held at 2PM, which is not a huge difference and nothing to be excited about the time change, But it is great news for the Xbox users to know the time and date earlier so they can mark it on the calendar just like me.

Microsoft’s briefings will probably be the first among other console manufacturers because it is taking place on a Sunday.

According to Warren, Microsoft and Xbox will be doing something different this year. Microsoft has been criticized a lot for the lack of exclusive titles compared to the PlayStation. We have heard at many conferences and different occasions that Microsoft is working on brining new titles and has signed many new ‘’AAA’’ games so we all have our hopes high and look forward to Microsoft to bring major titles to the market so Xbox users don’t feel left out.

Xbox is without a doubt one of the most powerful consoles available in the market so they need to bring new exclusive games to make use of their powerful hardware.

Most likely we will hear some latest news about Forza Horizon 4 along with new third party games for the Xbox One at E3 this year. We all hope that Microsoft will be able to impress everyone and bring change this year.

On the other hand Sony’s conference will be held about 24 hours after the Xbox where they’ll be focusing on exclusive titles and Nintendo will be there to shock the world with new titles.

Bethesda has revealed the date and time for their conference, which will be on the same day as Microsoft but at 6:30pm, PT/9:30pm ET.