State Of Decay 2 Graphics Not Getting User Selectable Settings For Xbox One X

We came to know that about the State of Decay 2‘s enhancements very recently, what we could take form those enhancements was that the developers have a very clear intention for the high-quality visuals. Be that as it may, most of theĀ audienceĀ missed out one very important aspect, which was also revealed. It turns out the game will not have user selectable settings for Xbox One X.

Undead Labs via IGN First revealed that the game State Of Decay 2 for Xbox One X will run at 4K resolution and it will also support HDR. While most of the fans already had been expecting this, no one gave a thought to the matter of a possibility, that the developers will not be providing users any authority, to change the graphics settings.

To some extent, it does make sense. The developers have been wanting to provide the best visual quality in the game. The executive producer Jeff Strain, in relation to the user settings decision, said that the extra processing power that the Xbox One X has, enabled the development team to work with an open hand to go for more stable FPS, and higher resolution texture.

He further said that the Xbox One X players will be able to clearly notice the graphics, denser foliage, detailed shadows, depth of light from farther distances and highly detailed character models.

For the user selectable settings, Jeff Strain further said that “the team wants to have the same experience for all users on Xbox”

Be that as it may, the developers have not limited themselves to the graphics only, the wide-open vistas and the huge area of the game will be taking full advantage of the Xbox One X consoles capability to provide the players with the best experience.

One thing would certainly be breathtaking and they are the visuals, State of Decay 2 releases for the Xbox One and PC on May 22.