New Found Spectre-Like Security Exploits For AMD CPUs Might Be Fake

Just recently CTS Lab published a report detailing the Spectre-like security exploits for virtually every AMD CPU, however, the legitimacy of these has been questioned and there is a chance that these exploits could very well be fake.

Before we make or point regarding these exploits being potentially fake, take a look at the video below which was released by CTS Lab detailing the Spectre-like exploits for AMD CPUs, and paying attention to the technicalities is not necessary, all you have to do is watch it.

Now that you have seen the video, take a look the image below which will make you realize that the video was produced using the green screens and stock office and server images were applied to the background of the video.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the exploits are all made up they might exist but, their impact on AMD CPUs might not the same or as much as CTS Lab is making it to be. Also, this comes just weeks before AMD releasing it’s Ryzen 2 CPUs and APUs.

While we are not saying someone is deliberately trying to undermine AMD but, the evidence is hinting that something is fishy here. Also, the report that was made public lacked proof-of-concept for the security exploits.

However, according to the firm itself, they sent out the proof-of-concept for the Spectre like exploits to not only AMD but to other major tech companies.

Also, CTS Lab has asked everyone to look at the situation objectively as the AMD costumers and the company itself are aware of the exploits.

If you look at the situation in the following way: right now the public knows about the vulnerabilities and their implications, AMD is fully informed and developing patches, and major security companies are also informed and working on mitigation.

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Source: Eteknix