Rare’s Lead Designer Talks About Fantasy Piracy In Sea Of Thieves

With only a few days left for the well-anticipated¬†Sea Of Thieves, its developers have not halted on giving out any ounce of information or detail that would contribute to the hype. So very recently Rare’s lead designer Mike Chapman has given out more details about Sea of Thieves.

Sea Of Thieves has been having exceptional reception based on its beta, fans are all booked for the game, everyone is ready to kill those pirates and complete those quests, especially, find those treasures.

Chapman talked about the true essence of the game, saying that fans who have a fantasy of becoming a pirate would love this game.

Players will find very interesting fantasy piracy references throughout the game. Being able to go on lost adventures are just a few of the things among many others that players will be able to enjoy.

The game gives the player a freedom but, even that freedom is confined to piracy, which according to Mike is one of the most interesting things in the game.

Furthermore, Mike Chapman emphasized that the game has been build in the perspective of adding more content in the future to keep the Sea of Thieves engaging.

Every small detail of the game has been designed to be interactive towards the players,  its visuals of the water, land, mountains or any activity, each detail works to full fill the fantasy piracy definition.

It seems like Rare has utter faith in the game, that it would bear more fruit than even the developers expect. Although at the moment it seems to be a pretty optimistic belief, until, the game rolls out we can’t be certain.

As if all this hype building was not enough, Microsoft recently launched a Sea Of Thieves Golden Bananas quest which astonishingly is worth $100K USD.

The Game is scheduled to roll out on March 20th, 2018 and will be available on Xbox One and PC.

Source: generacionxbox