Mike Ybarra Is Apparently Already Using The New Xbox Live Avatars

Mike Ybarra of Microsoft is apparently already making use of the new Xbox Live avatars that are supposed to be coming to the service soon. Hopefully, that also means that we’ll be using the new avatars sometime in the near future, if we get an actual release date for the update.

The news came from a user on Twitter, where he posted a photo of his Xbox Live dashboard, which included an avatar of him. Avatars haven’t been a part of the Xbox One ever, even though the Xbox 360 had them for a significant portion of its lifetime and even created outfits and accessories that could go with them.

Ybarra posting about the new Xbox Live avatars likely means that we’ll be seeing them on Xbox Live sometime soon, rather than being stuck with little profile pictures, in yet another way that Microsoft is aiming to improve the Xbox One. The company has already made efforts to improve its dashboard by making it more streamlined and adding in things like clans and a looking for group function.

However, even despite all of these improvements, the Xbox One’s version of Xbox Live was still missing avatars, but the new Xbox Live avatars appear to finally be fixing this issue for anyone that wants to customize their Xbox Live profile even more. While we don’t know if it’ll be as detailed as the Xbox 360 avatars, it’s still another bit of customization that the company is adding.

Ybarra making use of the new avatars also likely means that he was authorized to post it on the internet. If he’s been authorized to do so it’s likely that Microsoft aims on putting out the new Xbox Live avatars soon, so we might be seeing it sometime this year, and Microsoft will likely announce it at some big event.