Many Main Characters Will Die in Game of Thrones Season 8

The audience should be warned that some of the main characters, having survived so far in the critically acclaimed television series, are still destined to die in the upcoming final season of Game of Thrones.

The frustrating aspect has been staple to both the on-screen adaptation and the novels written by George R. R. Martin. Hence, it should come as no surprise that the showrunners are sharpening their blades for the finale as well. If there is indeed some sort of happy ending to be found in the eighth season, it will not be without sacrifices and bloodsoaked battlefields.

Speaking during the INTV Conference in Israel (via Variety) this week, several executives from HBO revealed that none of the cast had received the full script beforehand in order to safeguard potential leaks on the internet. The decision proved to take everyone by surprise as they realized one day that their characters were being killed off.

“None of the cast had received the scripts prior, and one by one they started falling down to their deaths,” senior vice president Francesca Orsi revealed. “By the very end, everyone looked down and looked up and tears were in their eyes.”

Game of Thrones should finish production for the eighth season later this year. There will be six episodes in total, with the first one confirmed by Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) to arrive in April 2019.

The concluding season will not mark the end for the franchise because HBO has plans to continue on with multiple (at least five) spinoffs, including one that delves into the origins of the fictional setting.