The Fantastic Four Fashions New Costumes Debut

The long-running form-fitting attires are being thrown out by the Fantastic Four to make room in the wardrobe for new costumes.

The confirmation comes through a preview for the latest issue in the Marvel Two-in-One comic book series, and it is important for readers to note that the following contains minor spoilers before venturing any further.

Benjamin Grimm (Thing) and Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) are preparing to journey into the multiverse in search for their missing members. Reed and Susan Richards (Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman) are believed to have perished but unknown to them, the two founding members and their children are literally rebuilding the multiverse in the far reaches of space and reality.

In addition, it was previously discovered that the Fantastic Four are losing their powers at an alarming rate. The only way to restore themselves to their full potential is to close the gap of the cosmic energy that binds them together. Hence, another reason for the Thing and Human Torch to traverse the multiverse.

The journey into the unknown, however, will require new costumes for the superheroes. The image below (via CBR) show a mixture of elements from the classic costumes and the most recent wardrobe upgrade from a few years back.

The distinctive “4” moniker has moved from the chest to the shoulders, and the entire costume is predominantly white except for the black trousers. The design appears far more practical than the tight spandex that they used to wear. The jackets, at least, offer pockets for the space explorers to stuff objects into.

There is no word if the Fantastic Four will return to wearing their older costumes after they are reunited — if they are reunited at all. The new issue arrives in stores on March 14.