Phil Spencer: Cloud Gaming Is The Future But Home Console Is The “Key”

Playing games on the cloud has been a much-discussed feature in the game industry and Xbox boss Phil Spencer is also a supporter of the cloud gaming and while he believes that we will see games being played on the cloud but, believes that having a home console would still be necessary.

While replying to a fan on Twitter, Phil Spencer said that it will be possible to play games that are rendered completely on the cloud but also, there will be games like Crackdown 3 that will partially be rendered on the local console and heavy latency tolerant workloads will be offloaded to the cloud.

I think we’ll see the full spectrum from games that run 100% in the cloud streamed to any device to high end games that run highly responsive compute locally while offloading heavy latency tolerant workloads to the cloud for incredible local results.

In another Tweet, he added that cloud gaming will not be the end of the home consoles as they will remain a key component for a foreseeable future of the game industry.

Tim’s the translator. Key for me is that a local console that is able to run great games will be important for years, that’s what we are planning for.

Crackdown 3 will be using the power of the cloud to provide better in-game physics while the rest of the game will be rendered on the home console. Will it add value to the game experience? remains to be seen until the game is released.

However, according to Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata, the next Xbox and PlayStation will completely be cloud-based. According to Tabata, the game consoles will evolve and follow the steps of the film and music industry which has embraced the streaming services.

In related news, Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox One X and Xbox One S will soon support freeSync displays. For those who don’t know, FreeSync eliminated the screen tear and support dynamic refresh rate, however, users are required to have a TV or monitor that supports FreeSync.

Do you think the games will be rendered on the cloud in the future or home consoles will play a big part in supporting the cloud gaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Twitter