Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 5.0.0 Is Live, New Avatar Icons, Parental Controls and More

Only yesterday, we were discussing the Nintendo Switch Update, that there is a probability, it just might be around the corner. Apparently, it actually was, yes that’s right the Switch Firmware Update 5.0.0 has rolled out and it has brought some hefty stuff with some major fixes.

The Switch Update 5.0.0 has gone live, so if you have been expecting then this right here is a go ahead. You can download it right now by heading towards the consoles settings menu, scroll all the way down to the system and select system update.

This new switch update has brought in social linkages, new avatar icons, and a play activity fix. A more detailed version of the update is also available at the official Nintendo switch website.

Regarding the social linkages, Facebook and Twitter friends that also use Nintendo Switch can now be added through friend suggestions. Also now the friend’s suggestions are based on Facebook and Twitter account that the user will link to Nintendo account.

The users can now, by heading to the top left of the (HOME) menu then to the user page > friend suggestions, can view friend suggestions. Keeping in mind that you must be 13 years or older to use this feature.

There are now 24 new ARMS and the Kirby series icons made available for you to choose from. You can edit your user icon as well if you need to know how you can view the full detailed notes at the official Nintendo website that has been made available.

Digital software purchases will now download sooner and will continue to download even if the console is in sleep mode.You can now filter news, to view only unread news or news from specific channels.

To keep the parental controls PIN-private, the default method for PIN entry has been changed to entering using the control stick and buttons instead of the on-screen number pad.

Captured videos in the album will be restricted by parental controls depending on the restricted software settings and software rating organization.

A lot of other parental controls settings have been changed regarding the whitelisting software and the play-time limit.

For general system stability improvements in order to enhance the user’s experience, some issues have been resolved that caused play activity to display incorrectly in the profile section of the user page.

That said, you can view the detailed version of the Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 5.0.0 as well, regarding on how to change the concerned settings and such.

That’s pretty much it on the software update, while you check that out, Nintendo has recently confirmed that they have no plans for any hardware update.

All the while, if you have already checked out the Switch Firmware Update 5.0.0, then do let us know what you think of it? Is it any good or are there any issues? Let us know in the comments below.