Report: Nvidia Turing GPUs To Enter Mass Production in Q3 Of 2018

Since the start of 2018, there have been many leaks and rumors suggesting that Nvidia intends to release Turing GPUs designed specifically for cryptocurrency mining and according to a report, Nvidia Turing cards will go into mass production in Q3 of 2018.

This is according to DigiTimes, who reports that Nvidia Turing GPUs will be revealed that GTC 2018 and will go into mass production in Q3 of 2018. However, until it is officially confirmed, take it with a grain of salt.

In related news, another report suggests that GPU demand has slowed down for mining. This report also comes from DigiTimes which suggests that GPU demand for cryptocurrency mining has shown signs of a slowdown”.

Not only that, the report suggests that Nvidia is preparing for the future so that shortages never happen again by strictly controlling the “Inventory Levels”.

Seems like the GPU giant doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake twice and intends to prevent GPUs selling out to cryptocurrency miners.

Furthermore, the company has “increased its GPU quotes” which is to cover the gap that might occur as GPU demand starts to go down.

NVIDIA also has further increased its GPU quotes recently, which the sources believe is meant to help cover the gap that may occur after GPU demand starts sliding. Since profitability from graphics cards has been weakening, NVIDIA and AMD have both been decelerating the developments of their new GPU architectures and prolonging their existing GPU platforms’ lifecycle.

While the GPU demand is reportedly going down for cryptocurrency mining but, Nvidia has predicted that GPU prices will continue to increase in 2018.

According to the company, “the pricing in the market will continue to go up through Q3 of this year most likely before we start seeing any type of relief”.”

With GPU demand for cryptocurrency mining slowing down, do you think its wise for Nvidia to produce GPUs specifically for mining? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Digitimes