Next Hearthstone Expansion Is Called “The Witchwood”, Brings New Mechanics

Blizzard has just announced a new Hearthstone expansion, which looks like a gamechanger. The Witchwood expansion will bring two new keywords to the popular card game, a new version of Dungeon Run as well as 135 new cards to add to your collection.

As announced earlier through an announcement video with Hearthstone developers, The Witchwood expansion is the first one of the Year of the Raven and will release in mid- April, meaning there’s about a month for Blizzard to reveal all of the set’s cards. The first 6 have already been revealed:

The Echo keyword, when shown in a card allows you to add a spectral copy of this card to your hand until the end of your turn, which can be played any number of times if you have the mana for it. As for Rush, it works similar to Charge but you can’t attack the enemy player directly to his life points on the first turn the card it’s played. We still don’t know if this card will be included in the Adapt effects rotation though.

The “Start of Game” mechanic, as the revealed cards indicate, will be activated based to the mana cost of the cards in your deck (whether they are all odd or even numbered) and if the terms are met a specific effect will be activated. The Hero Power upgrade from Baku the Mooneater is the same as the one from Justicar Trueheart, as a post on Reddit reveals.

Last but not least, Monster Hunt will be a new version of the Dungeon Run, featuring 4 unique heroes to play as. Still, no information about its content is yet revealed.

Ben Brode has also announced A new Shaman Hero Card, “Hagatha”, which will be the only one in the expansion. As for the cards yet to be revealed, each class will be 2 Legendary cards and you’ll be able to grab 3 free packs and a random Class Legendary card as soon as the expansion arrives.

The next Hearthstone expansion, The Witchwood arrives mid-April. If you are thinking about pre-ordering it, Blizzard has added 20 additional packs to the pre-order $50 price. In the meantime, make sure to get into the StarCraft-themed Tavern Brawl to get 3 free packs.