COD WW2 New Update Will Be Stacked, Sledgehammer Game Promises

It would certainly not be a shocker if you are all hyped up for the one and only, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, and why shouldn’t you be? While the fans drool on the upcoming game, Call of Duty WW2 is still very much relevant.

Sledgehammer Games, the developers of Call of Duty, recently announced over on Reddit, that a mini-community update of the game shall be rolling out. The important thing in the announcement was that the update shall hopefully roll out on Tuesday 13th March.

Sledgehammer Games did not certainly stop there, they said that the upcoming new update will be completely “stacked” for the players. Stacked with what is the big question?

Well, to that they did give away some details to hang on to. The developers postponed the Friday, March 9th’s update of the game in order to gather as much info as they could and use that information in the Tuesday game update.

They did not want to leave the players hanging so they gave away more details regarding the COD WW2 New Update. Regarding the multiplayer system, they said that the gun game and prop hunt are here to stay so they will have them available on the new DLC maps.

Overall the game update will be stacked with changes, fixes, and new items. Furthermore splitting up the hardcore community is also on their priority list. Although they are still looking for the feedback, only to be able to determine which rule to adopt.

In the end, the developers also thanked Treyarch and shared their excitement over the upcoming Black Ops 4. All that said and done, as soon as Balck Ops 4 rolls out, it’s only a matter of time before Call of Duty WW2 before it joins its predecessors in the Call of Duty hall of fame.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Call of Duty WW2 will be overshadowed quickly by the Black Ops 4 or not? Let us know in the comments below.