What The Division 2 Needs to Avoid Doing To Be Successful

The Division 2 is going to be out very soon. As of now, there is little to no information available as to what the game will be about. You can check out what we know about the game but the fact is that the developers have kept us in the dark as to what the game will be about and how the story will progress.

Today at SegmentNext, we decided to take a deeper look at the game and think about what the original Division did wrong. We have already written about what we expect from the game, let’s go ahead and see what should be avoided in the sequel for the Division 2 to be better than its predecessor.

Having Very Little Content at Launch

In hindsight, it is quite easy to see what makes The Division so special. There is a lot of content available for it. However, that was not always the case. Upon launch, there was not much to do once you had hit the level cap. This was eventually changed and a lot of modes and places were added which made the game much more enjoyable and a lot less ‘grindy’.

Going Easy on the Game Modes

The Division can be compared to Destiny in many ways. One of them is the fact that both of the games provide the players with a ton of content to enjoy. However, this is once again only applicable to The Division after the DLCs and the updates. The game at launch was not really comparable to Destiny in most ways. There need to be multiple game modes including casual ones and competitive ones so that players can experience the full depth of the game from the start.

Not Delving Into the ‘Survival’ Trend

Survival games are by far the most successful ones right now. Whether it’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Subnautica, survival games are selling quite well and dominating the industry. Even though the survival mode was brought to the original Division as a DLC, it needs to be there in the new game from the start.

The survival mode of the first iteration made players survive through an intense blizzard and had everything from hunger and thirst to fatigue. New features could be added to the game such as the option for a Battle Royale mode which utilizes the sprawling area of the game and the buildings for intense close quarter action.

Of course, that is only one idea. Personally, I would not even want that since it would just further saturate the market with Battle Royale games. The survival mode that the Division had was amazing and I think further tweaks to it would be amazing since they would further refine the mode rather than trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

Fixing What is Not Broken

Continuing on from the last point, The Division managed to get the majority of the game right towards the end of its cycle. That is evident from the point that even as I write this, there are almost 12,000 different players playing the game right now. The developers need to realize that the fundamentals of the game are quite right, and they only need to expand upon that rather than try to change the game at its core.

Half Ideas

There were a few instances in the original game where the developers had a good idea but they did not put their faith into it. The biggest example of this was the base building aspect. You had a base which you could slowly upgrade over the course of the game, but the fact was that once you got the final upgrade and completed it, there was nothing you could do about it.

It was quite fun to watch your base grow and become more functional as the game progressed. It would definitely be a great idea if the player could continue to expand his or her base limitlessly through the single player story. Making the entire city safe and run by the player could be an interesting end goal that the player could work towards. This would not only make the play through of the story more rewarding but would also add content into the game and would help with its longevity.

The ‘Little’ Payments with a ‘Massive’ Impact.

That is right, we are talking about microtransactions. While microtransactions can be an amazing way to make money beyond the release date of the game and to provide valuable updates to the community, it would be amazing if the microtransactions found in The Division 2 do not end up having an impact on the gameplay.

Considering the vast nature of the game and the tons of content that is expected by the community, I think it would be amazing to see some colorful skins and other personalization options. These will end up giving the player a way to express themselves during online battles. However, if it ends being that the game is leaning towards a pay to win model, then that would be a massive problem since that would take away from the integrity of the competitive modes.

Changing the Scenery

Many people seem to think that there was too much snow in The Division and that the developers need to make a place that is livelier for the second iteration, but I believe that the derelict surroundings were helped by the atrocious atmosphere of Manhattan. The clouds and the snow seemed to add a depressing aura to the world which resonated quite well with the story of the game.

The Division 2 should probably end up using another area, since Manhattan has pretty much been dealt with in the first iteration, but the actual atmosphere of the area does not need to be changed since that would take away from the way that the game makes the player free. Adding to a point already mentioned, the climate does not seem to be broken and it should not be fixed.

This is all what we think The Division 2 needs to do in order to be successful. If you have any other suggestions, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!