The Sims Mobile Guide – Social Life, Private Life, Careers, Relationships (Beginners Tips And Tricks)

The Sims Mobile Guide will help you get started with The Sims experience on mobile devices. In this guide, we have detailed some basic aspects of the game including your Sims’ social/private life, your surroundings, careers, and relationships.

The Sims Mobile Guide

The Sims goes portable! Yes, you heard that right, now you can take the fun of that massive virtual world to anywhere you like. With such freedom and so many opportunities, we would not want you to mess anything up. Therefore, for that purpose, we’re highlight some of the essential areas in the game which you can work on. Our The Sims Mobile Guide will be useful next time you log in to your dreamland!

Quests And Daily Challenges

The game will have a huge variety of challenging and interesting quests for you to try. Furthermore, it will also provide rewards to you for doing so. These include clothing items, furniture and other goodies. Special festivals also make their way into the game like Halloween and Easter and with these come more bonuses.

Additionally, you will be able to earn experience points by completing the Daily To-Do list. Completing all these tasks will enable you to level up your character and better customize them to suit your personality in real life (only if you want to, of course)

Private Life

Earning money, just like in the real world, requires a good career in Sims. These include working as a cook and all the way to working in a fashion studio. New districts are unlocked offering you more career opportunities as you progress in the game. Speaking of jobs, always go for ones that have the longest shifts, as they will be more rewarding.

Note, however, that these long shifts will consume more energy. Tackle this by eating cupcakes, using the toilets every once in a while, and have some rest. Other tasks and hobbies can also be carried out to ensure a steady output of rewards for little energy consumption. We recommend you to go for the risky tasks (marked with a smiley face-wearing glasses) like using crazy skills to cook food, etc.

Be cautious though, only carry out these tasks if the success meter gives you the green-signal, there’s a reason why these tasks are called ‘risky’. Also, the special items that you earn, keep them for career events. A good investment indeed, trust us!

Social Life

Make friends and partners in the game. These will allow you to share events leading to more XP and rewards. It also leads to a more satisfying and fun overall experience. Hang out with friends and have a party. Go to dinner with someone you have a crush on. This will be vital for better developing your Sims character and will influence his mood and personality.

The first impression is always the most important one and will determine how the relationship goes form there. When it comes to introductions. You can choose one from these: Friendly, Flirty and Confrontational. Each sim will have different responses to different attitudes and it would be for you to decide which one to go for.

You can find some Sims characters by clicking the Sims icon near the bottom left of the screen and click the Speech bubble. Then simply choose which character to socialize with.

Your Environment

You will be spending time both in your house and your workplace so make sure to make both comfortable. One way of doing this is decorating the rooms to the best of your ability. This will include furniture for getting all cozy, TVs and other sources for entertainment and even sports goods.

For workspace including cafes and restaurants, etc., decorating your surroundings will add to bonuses and overall productivity. Of course, to enable all of this, you have to start with building larger rooms to start with. All of this leads to a higher overall ‘Lifestyle Rating’.

This is all we have in our The Sims Mobile Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!