The Sims Mobile Careers Guide

Our The Sims Mobile Careers Guide will help you kickstart your Sims’ career in the mobile version of The Sims. We have some handy tips and tricks that will help you choose the best-possible career and excel in it.

The Sims Mobile Careers

Take up a career, change that, look for another one, and decide to settle or not. All of this is possible with The Sims Mobile.

Different career paths will offer different opportunities to earn cash, rewards, and building up your character in the game.

They will also open up more areas to explore, and meet, and interact with other Sims in the game.

Let’s take a more detailed look on how The Sims Mobile Careers work in the game.

Every task takes up energy. Longer shifts will have more consumption but that doesn’t mean that they share the same rewards with jobs with fewer commitments.

To make sure the energy bar is replenished over time, eat, use the restroom, or sleep. In case you aren’t able to replenish you energy in any way, just put the game down for some time.

It’s not running away guys, you can always return to it some other time.

Try Different Careers
You don’t have to get stuck in the same workplace for the rest of your life. You can choose to branch out, look for jobs which suit you better.

This calls for a balance of energy consumption, and rewards. The game is filled with paths you can take: barista, cook, fashion designer, photographer, and more recently, doctor.

So venture out; explore, and choose before eventually retiring.

If you are required to spend a decent amount of time in a workplace, why not make it bearable? Choose furniture, aquariums, and other decorative items to give the place a cozy feel.

Make your offices comfortable, and lively with the items you’ve earned. This will require you to use Simoleons (the local game currency). So put that to good use!

Risky Tasks
As emphasized on in our Beginners Guide, risky tasks are marked with a smiley face with glasses. These are basically objectives which have a chance of failure.

Difficult tasks like showing off your cooking skills (flambé, and whatnot), and your sports talents, etc.

If completed successfully, they offer huge rewards, and lead to quick progression in the game.


There are some careers that can help you kickstart in the Sims world. These careers that we have explained here all have ten levels and they will get you same money at similar level with some extra rewards. Your salary will increase at level 5 and a 50% more chance of buying a house.

This is going to be the first career that will become available to you with basic responsibility of tending to clients and making coffee.

The second career that will be available to you when you get at level 8 is to become a cook. You will work in market square, as you more up the level in this job you will have to save a restaurant from going bankrupt.

Fashion Work
Next is the Fashion workplace that you will open at the level 10, it is also in the marketplace.

Hospital Work
Next is the hospital that you will unlock at level 12 and you will work there to eventually become a physician.

Business Work
The next career that you will open is a business at level 15, it is going to be an agency at the city center

Don’t get too worried about the failure/success meter since it’s not entirely predictive of the outcome. So be brave, take the risk, and hope for the best!

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