PUBG Update Being Rolled Back Due to Compatibility Issue, Players Experiencing Game Crashes

Recently a PUBG Update was rolled out that brought in some hefty anti-cheat measures, now while the developers were aiming to counter the cheat issues with this update, the game went through some series of problems, that had been reported by the players. For that reason the developers Bluehole decided to roll back the update, in order to fix those issues.

The latest PUBG Update that rolled out for PC is now back in the hands of developers until they can figure out the issues that are causing the players to experience crashing and errors messages in the game.

Although it is nice to have the anti-cheat system in the game, it’s not worth anything if the game won’t be working properly especially for those honest players.

The official PUBG help Twitter account began by acknowledging that players have been having issues due to the latest update.

Further, they added that the last patch of the game shall be rolled back; which means that the new anti-cheat improvements shall no longer be in place. So if you die in an inexplicable way do not be surprised.

Let’s hope they get that fixed soon enough because there is a huge fan base of the game waiting for the fix. That said, recently a report has made its way on the internet that suggests something really interesting regarding the game. Based on the report, we can say that PUBG may be coming for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Hopefully, that’s true, because it is high time that PlayStation usersĀ get a chance to play the battle royale game.

Be that as it may, PUBG Corp has plans to implement the ping based matchmaking system that will prioritize the users with lower pings during matchmaking. Meanwhile, other features and improvements are in the works too so a PS4 version may take a while.