Kingdom Come Deliverance Hotfix 1.3.1 Improves CPU Performance While Messing Up The ”Advanced Graphics Settings”

Kingdom Come Deliverance launched last month with critical reception, however, when it came to performance the game was not optimized that good, however, Kingdom Come Deliverance hotfix 1.3.1 improved the CPU performance for the game but, messed up the advanced graphics settings.

This is according to creative director Daniel Vávra, who posted through his official Twitter account that while Kingdom Come Deliverance hotfix 1.3.1 improves CPU performance but messed up the advanced graphics settings and has advised to not tweak any setting until the studio rolls out a new hotfix.

He further added that in another Tweet that the weird behaviour following hotfix 1.3 is due to some game mods and noted that those gamers who are experiencing quest releated issues should restart the quest from a previous save file.

So guys, if you experience any weird behavior after 1.3 patch, it might be caused by some of the mods. Also, if you had problems in some quests before patch, and they are still there, it might be a good idea to start the quest from the beginning from previous save.

While the game launched with critical acclaim despite performnce issues but according to the game’s executive producer, the team would have liked to have more time to optimize the game. This goes on to show that the developers rushed the game out and there was still some work to be done on it.

Also, the game was a sleeper hit of the year as there wasn’t much hype or marketing behind the game but, it managed to sell 1 million copies in its launch week. This indicates that there is still demand for non-AAA singleplayer titles in the market.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is an open-world action adventure game developed by Warhorse Studios for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.