Report: Denuvo Doesn’t Impact Final Fantasy 15 PC Performance

Denuvo is particularly not in good graces of PC gamers as the common consensus about this DRM protection is that it causes Performance to drop in PC version of games, the same is thought of Denuvo used for Final Fantasy 15 PC as reportedly the DRM caused 16% drop in Final Fantasy 15 PC performance, however, seems like that is not the case.

According to the tests performed by PCGamer, it seems that Denuvo has no noticeable effect on Final Fantasy 15 PC Performance, at least not to the extent at which the game becomes unplayable.

Peter “Durante” Thoman is the one to perform the tests using the playable demo and the full game and compared them scene by scene to see if Denuvo actually causes the PC performance to drop in Final Fantasy PC version.

The way he tested it is that he maximized the CPU load and minimized the GPU load as Denuvo DRM is known to affect the CPU performance. The system used for the purpose of the testing was Intel Core i7 5820k with a GTX 1080. He compared three scenes from the game to determine the impact of Denuvo.

  • Early morning in a field, with a lot of foliage visible (S1)
  • The initial location after the intro, where you first start actually playing the game (S2)
  • Evening at a resting spot, during cooking (S3)

As for the first scene, as you can see in the image below that there is no noticeable difference in performance between the Playable demo and the full version of the game. According to the tests, the results almost remain the same “regardless of the number of cores accessible to the game”.

However, things become interesting in scene 2 and scene 3. According to the benchmarks, scene 2 is 3.5% slower in the full version when compared to the playable demo and the in scene 3 the full version is 5.6% faster compared to the playable demo.

According to the benchmarks, it seems that the difference in Final Fantasy 15 PC Performance is due to the open-world nature of the game and not due to the use of Denuvo DRM. You can check out the detailed benchmarks here.

Final Fantasy 15 is an open-world action-adventure title developed by Square Enix for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.