Deadpool 2 Receives Poor Reactions During Early Test Screening – Report

There may be a bit of trouble brewing on the horizon for Deadpool 2 after an early test screening was met with mostly negative reactions from a hand-picked audience, taking 20th Century Fox completely by surprise and instilling concerns among fans.

It began over the weekend when veteran pop culture blogger Jeremy Conrad took to Twitter to relay that the first reactions have been pretty unexpected. While the sequel is thirty minutes longer than the first installment, a lackluster plot and dampened storytelling made the screening difficult to endure for the critics.

“Fox screened Deadpool 2 tonight (not Dark Phoenix again) and…yikes! First reaction wasn’t what I expected to hear,” Conrad stated.

Conrad had to take down the tweet soon after because 20th Century Fox threatened with legal action. However, a possible lawsuit did not deter others from sharing the same sentiments about the upcoming movie, before going dark.

“I have heard its testing really poorly,” Mike Kalinowski, another Twitter presence, stated. “They are stunned with what the screening audiences are saying. I know people don’t say much about it but, you cannot underestimate Tim Miller’s contribution to getting Deadpool made. He was 1/2 the equation.”

In similar fashion, other sources called Deadpool 2 as an “Alien 3 blunder” to describe the storytelling and expressed disappointment over “wasted” characters.

It should be noted that an early test screening translates into an early version of the movie in the editing booth. There is still time for 20th Century Fox to take feedback into account. In that light, the early version is never the best way to judge if the final product will be good or not in the theaters.

To relay a few examples, both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017) were well-received during their early test screenings before bombing in negative reviews following the premiere.

Deadpool 2 was directed by David Leitch this time around and will open in theaters on May 18, 2018.