Bluepoint’s Next Remake Even Bigger Than Shadow Of Colossus Remake

The critically acclaimed game, Shadow of Colossus remake that rolled out onto the PlayStation 4 last month has been making some really great sales. The initial reports of the game suggested that its sales topped the UK charts, dwarfing the original game. Be that as it may, the same developers Bluepoint’s Next Remake is going to be something much bigger than Shadow of Colossus remake.

According to “Eurogamer” The developers Bluepoint had a talk with the Digital Foundry and in that they revealed very little about their next game but what they did was really captivating. Bluehole developers said that they are working on a next remake that is going to blow the minds of their fans.

For those who have had the chance to play the Shadow of Colossus then they will certainly be enjoying the upcoming next remake. Although the developers did not give out much on the upcoming next game, they certainly did say, that they are really excited about their next project. In fact, they added that fans too will find it very interesting as well.

The president and co-owner of Bluepoint, Marco Thrush said that working on the Shadow of Colossus has allowed the studio and the team to grow in many different aspects, especially the art team. So instead of taking on an original title, they shall be working on another remake that is even bigger than Shadow of Colossus.

The developers also talked about their focuses regarding the next remake. They have aims to improve the art pipeline as well as improving the engine, the workflow of artists and such. Overall what we can contemplate is that their prime focus is set on the artwork.

All the while, we are not sure what that remake is going to be, most of the vocal community has its hopes set on Demon’s Soul remake. Not only that most of the fans are also wondering what it could also possibly be that all of the sequels of the title Dark Souls might get a remake.

At this moment we can only speculate until we hear more details about the Bluepoint’s Next Remake. Let us hope it certainly turns out to be something similar to what they are saying.