Fatshark Shows Off Vermintide 2 Road Map For Next Three Months

Yesterday, Fatshark released Vermintide 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed Left 4 Dead-inspired Warhammer Fantasy game. Now, the studio has unveiled the Vermintide 2 road map, which the studio will be following to give players post-launch content throughout the next few years, including various updates and DLC that will be getting released.

To start off with, Vermintide 2 will be mainly a downtime month as Fatshark works on patching the game to fix issues with what the game started out with, such as glitches or balancing in some other forms. However, once March is gone, April will signal Fatshark beginning work on three different things.

These include at least one or two new maps for players to run missions through (likely meaning some form of DLC like the original Vermintide’s Castle Drachenfels or Stromdorf DLCs), along with the implementation of things like mod support in the Steam Workshop, and dedicated servers.

All throughout this time, Fatshark will also be working on technical improvements to the game, tweaking gameplay by listening to community feedback, and adjusting design such as balancing enemies, weapons, maps, and more. Considering the game’s Left 4 Dead based origins, being able to balance special enemies and where they appear on the maps is vital.

This current Vermintide 2 road map only covers the first few months of the game, but it’s likely that as the game continues to expand, the roadmap will improve and expand. With how big the original Vermintide eventually got, including multiple levels across multiple locations and even an endless survival mode, there’s no telling what all Fatshark has planned this time around.

You can currently play Vermintide 2 exclusively on the PC, but it’s likely that the game will be coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 sometime later in its lifetime. Keep an eye on the official Vermintide 2 website to see the Vermintide 2 road map expand.