Dune Reboot Still Two Years Away From Release, Will Be Split Into Two or More Movies

The bad news is that the much-awaited Dune reboot is still at least two years away from being released. The good news is that the project intends to adapt the best-selling science-fiction novel in multiple installments.

While addressing an audience (via The Playlist) during the Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois at Place Des Arts Théâtre Maisonneuve this week, director Denis Villeneuve revealed that the passion project is still in the works but will take a few more years before hitting theaters. In addition, the goal is to make not one but two installments at minimum. Should the need be, there may even be a third sequel in the series.

“Dune will probably take two years to make,” Villeneuve said. “The goal is to make two films, maybe more.”

The Dune reboot has been in the making for more than a year now and features the likes of screenwriter Eric Roth (Forrest Gump) among its ranks. Villeneuve has already offered several assurances that his adaptation will be accurate to the source materials. He even stated earlier this year that the Dune reboot will basically be the Star Wars movie he never saw –- or made for that matter.

As for why Dune needs a reboot in the cinematic sphere and not a sequel, the original adaptation from David Lynch was a critical and commercial failure. The plot left the audience confused, the dialogues were cheesy, and it was overall anything what the novel offered.

Dune is a renowned science-fiction novel by Frank Herbert that was published back in 1965. The writing, in many ways, proved to be a great source of inspiration for science-fiction publications in various medias over the years. This includes the Star Wars franchise, featuring several elements that were taken directly from the original novel.