PUBG Anti Cheat Software Is Banning Players Randomly, But Fix Is Here

If you have no idea why you’ve suddenly been banned from playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, don’t fret. It’s probably the fault of the new PUBG anti cheat software, instead of anything you’ve done (except if you’ve actually cheated in which case that’s what you get.) Bluehole is apparently working on a fix now.

Cheating, as with any other online game, is endemic in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. With how difficult it is for many players to actually win a game, people are often willing to do whatever it takes in order to claim victory.

Cheating has only gotten worse when the game became available in China, when massive amounts of cheating led to players calling for Chinese players to get their own servers in order to make the game at least somewhat fair again. Bluehole has been constantly updating the PUBG anti cheat software, but it appears they went too far this time.

While Bluehole has been able to implement a fix for the problem, players are still reporting that they’re locked out of the game. Hopefully Bluehole will continue to refine the fix until it actually just bans cheaters, not people at random.

Various mishaps like these are some of the reasons why people appear to be leaving PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and instead going over to Fortnite, which not only is apparently less of a cheat-fest but also more polished, considering that the game’s Battle Royale mode was implemented several months after Fortnite was released.

However, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds does still have a lot of fans, so there’s likely a lot of people who think that Bluehole can still put a great game together. While there has been a lot of criticism about Bluehole deciding that the game is ready to release even in spite of a lot of bugs and content still to be introduced, hopefully PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can eventually live up to all the potential it’s built up.

Either way, hopefully the PUBG anti cheat software fix will allow players to be able to start playing the game again.