Nvidia GeForce Partner Program Claimed To Be Not Consumer Friendly, Some Shady Stuff Going On

The Nvidia GeForce Partner Program might seem like a mouthful and sound pretty boring but it seems that something shady is happening in the shadows and Kyle Bennett, Editor-in-Chief of HardOCP took it upon himself to find out what was actually going on behind the scenes. Bennett has claimed that the Nvidia GeForce Partner Program is pulling off some shady stuff in order to grab market share.

It seems that Nvidia is trying to monopolize on the GPU market by offering benefits to partners if they exclusively offer Nvidia products to the general consumers, which are graphics cards in this case. Such retailer or distributors could be part of the Nvidia GeForce Partner Program. This means that retailers and distributors that are part of the Nvidia GeForce Partner Program would be unable to sell AMD graphics cards.

In exchange for giving Nvidia the priority, these Nvidia GeForce Partners would get benefits and incentives such as priority GPU shipments and what not. According to Bennett:

If ASUS is an NVIDIA GPP partner, and it wants to continue to use NVIDIA GPUs in its ROG branded video cards, computers, and laptops, it can no longer sell any other company’s GPUs in ROG products. So if ASUS want to keep building NVIDIA-based ROG video cards, it can no longer sell AMD-based ROG video cards, and be a GPP partner.

He did use Asus as an example and clearly stated that he did not know whether or not Asus was on the partner’s list, so this is hypothetical rather than fact. He also managed to contact a couple of companies that were on the list but they would not say anything on record, which is never good news. It is safe to assume that there is something fishy going on here and that Nvidia needs to come clean about what is happening.

Previously Nvidia talked about the edge that the company had over AMD and how big it was compared to the competition. According to Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang:

“We are 10x bigger than our GPU competitor, so we have a lot more suppliers…supplying us.”

I admit that is true, and if that is the case then Nvidia has no need of pulling off such shady stuff to start with. If all this is indeed true then we could be looking at thousands of dollars in fines at the very least. I for one would be very disappointed in the company if this is indeed the case. You can check out what Bennet had to say here.

Let us know what you think about the Nvidia GeForce Partner Program and whether or not you think all this is true.