Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update 1.3 Coming Soon, Bugs And Errors Will get Fixed

Kingdom Come: Deliverance rolled out just a while back and although it is not a triple AAA game the hype it had created was pretty much the same. Everyone seems to love it since its release but despite offering a versatile range of interesting and absorbing features, we cannot deny the fact that it launched a buggy game filled with a lot of issues. For that reason, the publishers of the game are going to roll out Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update very soon.

The co-founder of Warhorse studios Daniel Vavra made a Tweet regarding the update 1.3 that got delayed a few days back. According to him, the team has been testing because they do not want to rush it as haste makes waste.

Although before the game’s release no one had anticipated that Kingdom Come game would be this big of a hit, Warehouse Studios single Player only game that is based on immersion and realistic battles has sold over 1 million copies since it came out on February 13th.

Regarding the bugs and issues, the developers have promised a Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update that shall focus on fixing some of the more significant problems that are being experienced by players. Although the Update does not have a specific release date. Still, we can rest assured that the update will come through soon but in how much time we do not know.

If you think the game Kingdom Come Deliverance with its one million sales has been nailing down the market then you might also want to reconsider because according to the latest issue of Forbes (Czech Republic Edition) the game’s total Budget was 750 million crowns that roughly about 36.5 million dollars.

So considering that it seems like the game may slightly be above its financial break even. That said if they roll out the Update soon it will certainly have a positive influence on the reputation of the developers which shall be very helpful for the image of the game.

Considering that the game still needs some more sales before the title settles down for good. The game Kingdom Come: Deliverance is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.