Dear Parents, Take More Responsibility for Your Kids and Stop Blaming Video Games

President Trump, Republicans, and Pro-Gun activists are currently busy bashing video games. After the Florida shooting, the incident was loosely tied to violent video games. While there is no concrete evidence to suggest video games are the cause of real-world acts of violence, GOVT regulations are being discussed.

Kids are playing violent video games and it is affecting their morality, mental health, and these are making them grow up to be violent, some believe. What I would like to ask is how are these kids getting their hands on these violent video games. Parents who blame video games, well, I blame them as they are part of the problem. Why are parents allowing these kids to play such video games, how are they buying these video games?

Games like Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Sniper Elite, and many others are getting into the hands of kids. How? Who is buying them these video games without checking the ESRB or PEGI ratings? Why aren’t we doing a better job keeping an eye on what our children are playing, watching. The following ratings are there for a reason:

If you walk into a store with your kid and buy him/her a video game without checking its rating, you are to blame, period. If your child is buying these games online from PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, or Steam, why does that child have access to your credit card? We often hear stories of children with access to credit cards going on to spend hundered of dollars on in-game purchases on PlayStation Store and Xbox Live. If a child can purchase in-game items with your saved credit card info, he can purchase violent video games as well.

Parents need to play their role in protecting their kids from violent video games if they feel these products are affecting their children. There are parental control options, checks, restrictions offered by all platforms where your child can access these video games but if you are not using these options, who is to blame?

It is easy to turn video games into scapegoats and not discuss the real issues that are cuasing real world acts of violence. Sadly, personal interests of your politicans and the NRA won’t ever let you discuss the real issue, guns! It won’t matter if someone plays a video game, if a distrubed mind has has access to a weapon, he can and will kill, taking innocent lives.