Sony Opts To Not Publish Super Seducer For PS4, No Reason Apparently

Need to try your luck picking up women? Well then the game Super Seducer has just rolled out and it features Richard La Ruina who is an entrepreneur, author and most importantly a dating coach. Unfortunately, the PlayStation users may not be able to play it as Sony has decided to not publish it.

Super Seducer is a game that claims to be the “world’s most realistic seduction simulator” while most of the community is considering it to be a game that promotes harassment there are many, including the developers, Richard La Ruina who think that this game is designed with a sole purpose to take your skills with women to the next level.

La Ruina told Motherboard that he has no comments on why Sony has made such a decision. Although last year in an interview with PlayStation lifestyle he defended the game. According to him the game Super Seducer has a lot of thought put into it, all the while he added that they have been very careful on representing women in a strong character.

While that debate will shape up soon enough, Sony apparently has decided to not publish it and have confirmed to Motherboard that they will not be offering this title in their stores. This on the day when the game was scheduled to launch for PC and PS4.

At the moment the company has offered no explanation or any reason on why they suddenly opted to not publish it but we all can take a wild guess what the reason could be. The game Super Seducer has been in the talks for some time regarding its take on women, it has been enduring a lot of criticism and seems like due to such reasons Sony may have decided to not get involved in such sensitive matters.

Why so late, especially when the game had reached its release remains a mystery. For now, these are mere speculations because as mentioned above Sony has not given any reason for blocking it. Until they roll out some details, PS4 users won’t be having a chance to pick up women anytime soon.

The game Super Seducer launched on 7th March 2018 on steam for $10, it also offers add-on packs. For now, the game is available for PC only.

Source: Motherboard