PC Gamers Think Final Fantasy 15 is too Easy, “Is This What Kids Play?”

PC Gamers find Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition pretty easy. According to Steam Community, the title needs a hard more as it is very easy to complete the game, it doesn’t really present a challenge.

The title released back in 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game came to PC as the Windows Edition recently but it looks like while the game is good, PC gamers weren’t expecting it to be as easy as it is to them. Final Fantasy games are console exclusives for the most part which could be the reason why PC gamers aren’t used to a game like this. Here are some of the comments from PC Gamers who played Final Fantasy 15:

Am hoping maybe for a hard mode, even if its just a mod.

Is it because it came from console? Is this what kids play?

left click to win

It’s a Final Fantasy game. If you came here expecting the game to challenge you….sorry. You’ll have to handicap yourself, like not leveling up, no magic, no items; things like that.

It is very easy and not very enjoyable.. Beat it on console last year and was a snore fest the game was. Other than it looking really nice it fails miserably to keep me entertained like previous entries in the series..

FF games are probably the easiest game series of all time. The only challenge is in optional content, the story content is always cake walk pathetic.

Final Fantasy games aren’t really about combat and anyone playing the Windows Edition should keep that in mind. Do you think Final Fantasy 15 is easy? What platform are you playing the game on? Let us know in the comments below.